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Rest assure that we are making the necessary moves to stay compliant! 

As the new regulations are being released and finalized, we wanted to directly let our clients know what BME and associated partners are doing to prepare to meet all current and future regulations to ensure our future businesses together.

We couldn't be more excited! All these changes are indication that this industry is here to stay. We predict that all our customers will have a dramatic increase in sales as the brands on the shelves start to be eliminated while they scramble to find certified suppliers. 

If you would like to read the Deeming Regulations Released by the FDA CLICK HERE

Here are some changes you can expect:

Warning & Ingredient Labels - While we default our custom label templates to include these items, we will be reviewing all our clients private labels for compliance. If we need to redesign or add anything, you will receive a new label design proof for approval.

FDA product registration - We are currently in the process rifling through mounds of paperwork in order to register our e-liquids and ingredients with the FDA.

Age restriction for purchase - You may also very soon see a required signature by an adult over 18 years old (valid ID needed) for deliveries inside (& maybe outside) the state of CA on all e-liquid deliveries.

Compliance & Certifications - While this has been our goal from day 1, we are currently in the design and consultation phases to obtain our ISO9001 & GMP certifications on all our facilities. (this is not yet required, but soon may be)

In addition, we will be making small changes in order to make our facilities 100% compliant, like the elimination of food colorants in our juice & gloss Poly (vinyl) waterproof labels.

As always, if you or your teams have any questions about these or future regulation issues & what we are doing to protect your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your business is valued and we look forward in supplying you for many years to come!